Wednesday, 14 January 2015

In the act of it.

Months can go without writing on a blog it seems. In my case anyway. I used to do it more. I've been spending time consumed with traveling, working, writing another book, scripts and short stories so I almost forgot that I actually had a blog, until somebody kindly reminded me. Although I'm not sure of the blog's purpose anymore.

Figured that I should post something though, to keep the spirit of the blog alive, it was what encouraged me to finish my first book, Kingdom of Scars, after all. So I've been asked recently on a few occasions to put up some more stuff. I contemplated something more important, commentaries with my opinion on certain events, but in the end decided to put a poem I wrote a little bit ago. I get asked about poetry, and its liberating to put stuff up here. If you don't like it I'll probably cry a little bit and then forget about it. Or something.

Anyway, another poem. About stuff.

"In the act of it."

He wore his body well.
Like he was always supposed
to be that size.
Strong, heavy, gnarled.
A boxer who was
never supposed to be young.

Curling his lips upwards
into a playful smirk
he never stopped
Maybe he was afraid
to be boring.

His eyes were always moving
taking in everything
but noticing nothing.
It was his world
that he existed within
and anybody else was circumstantial.

I grabbed him once.
Felt the surprising strength
hidden beneath his 
He was a big man 
with hard uncertain movements.

The lights shone,
reflecting the self importance
in his eyes.
Camera rolled, and
his bulk desired complete ownership 
of the room.

He roared. Guttural.
He wanted the world to shake.
In his head it probably did.
But it was like anything else,
it was just was and then it wasn't.

The actor's lot
in fraught with contradictions,
the fear of being forgotten,
the desire to be loved
for nothing real.
A waif of time.

Watching him I considered
Was I the same?
Did it matter?
I was silent upon myself.

Then I stood out of the
Embraced the lights,
and screamed my own
guttural roar,
expecting somebody to care.

My debut novel Kingdom of Scars available now in Ireland, and on amazon and Poolbeg websites with USA and UK release later this year.