Monday, 10 June 2013

Poem of the Sun

This blog has always been very impromptu, for if I spend too long thinking about it then I would never post anything. It was sunny, I was waiting in the sun, there were half clothed pretty women floating about, I wrote a poem, I threw it on my blog. Pretty much all there is to it.

The sun has gone now since I wrote this, so I may take the blame for revelling in the warmth too much. I should probably have written something grey and depressing then it would still be sunny.

Sun flecked skin winks
shyly in the
glinting light.
Soft muscle rolling out in
a tender stretch,
savouring the forgotten warmth.

Eyes bat secretively
dark glasses, a teasing
provocation that
would normally lie dormant
in the cold hibernation.

Fingers touch more often,
desiring of exposure to
sinews that suddenly
ripple with unexpected
poise and sexuality.

The heat pushes pools of sweat
thinly veiled skin
and pulls loose cotton
tightly into a fleshy

The sun oozes sexuality
through it's
very pores,
feasting its voyeuristic
nature on unwary
men and women.

Sex. Sweat.
That heady pre-coital
smell of intentional
that gives every shadow
a new texture.