Thursday, 17 January 2013

Youth on a bus

It's been an obnoxiously long time since I blogged in any shape or form, and in the last few months I lost my way with certain writing too, getting very wrapped in finessing my film 'cold', and in American with NBC's 'after hours', which I may have been remiss in not writing about. So a proper updated 'cold' blog will be forthcoming, maybe today, but in the meantime I figured I'd restart my enthusiasm for e blogosphere with a poem, in the same vein as all the previous....and thus whet my appetite for the form of writing again.....


There's an energy to them,
A nervous
Swagger that feeds each, and
Makes everybody around
shrink into their seats
Like innocuous versions of themselves.

Each boy wears clothes too big 
That don't fit;
track suit bottoms down
Below the waist, jackets 
Hanging like pouches of
Fattened cotton,

That highlight his own motif,
Separating his 
Individuality from this conformity
Of being separate,
Which he wears with 
Showy, hopeful pride.

For some it's hair,
Clipped tight to the scalp,
Or a gaudy piercing
Through the lip or brow,
For others no more 
Than a ring on a finger.

But it's the pack mentality 
That concerns the plebs, not fashion.
The quick instinct
To follow the most virile
That has taken control
In that unquestioning moment,

Where nothing else comes into
Their thoughts but
Adherence to their group,
Dismissing circumstances like
Unhindered by consequence.

Yet underneath this bravado.
Below the thin veneer
That disguises their character,
Lies a desire for affection.
A yearning truth
Of humility and loyalty.

Brazen though this appears,
It's all a game.
A social ladder
That they clamber forth
On a daily basis
Searching for themselves.

As we all do.



  1. So true. Funny how it was the teachers who were meant to inspire who made me lose my faith and confidence in reading and any form of literature. Thank you for helping my stubborn mind to believe that not all poems are followed by a mindless waffle of words in an essay about a single impliment and that it can be enjoyed the way it is. Keep inspiring dude.

  2. It's good to see you writing again. I like this. Extremely vivid and poinent.

  3. I enjoyed this - you've not lost your touch for writing about everyday things and everyday people.

  4. I wasn't sure I was going to like this... I thought it might turn into a diatribe against the youth of today, but it was actually very sweet, and the ending surprised me. What I'm trying to say (badly) is that I liked it!

    Marie :-)

  5. I liked this very much! Sort of philisophic undertone..Lovely to find you blogging again

  6. Wow really truthful and poignant. I like the way your writing is so honest but rhythmic and thought provoking rather than a general rant. Great to see something new from you.

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  8. this is really very sweet and true .. hugs x

  9. This poem is a very precise observation of our society. Well done.

  10. This reminds me of something I learned in my psychology class. Adolescents do as their friends do to feel as if they belong. Of course, there is always that one that doesn't follow that choice. Nice work with setting a scene with words. I'm sorry if this sounds ridiculous. I'm taking a Creative Writing class and have to analyze poems, so I'm stuck in that mode.

  11. Incredible, as always. Love reading what you write :)

  12. Nice tempo to a thoughtful gaze. As the others, enjoy seeing you blogging again.

  13. WOW! What a wonderful piece. It is so good to see the creative written juices flowing again. Please keep it up.

  14. I had to laugh to myself as I read this. I've a few years on you, so when I read "youth on a bus," I imagined people your age; obviously you were writing about people younger than you. :D But I enjoyed this; glad to see you writing again.

  15. I like this poem. You've really captured the essence of youth, the desire to be an individual, yet part of a group. Bravo!

  16. Oh! I'm so glad I found this poem! I teach high school English and we are studying what it means to be an individual and how high school is such a time of conformity. We just had a heated debate about if self-expression can ever truly be individual since we are always influenced and aware of our audience. I'm going to show your poem to my students. Thanks for sharing!