Monday, 8 October 2012

Cold Convention and all things Merlinian

This blog is dedicated to all the ridiculously generous, and clever, people who have donated to, and gotten involved with supporting my new film Cold. We surpassed the expectations of what we thought we would raise by a staggering amount. The initial figure was purely an amount to shoot the actual film, and then we were going to figure out post production afterwards, which is why we kept going to then try raise funds for that, which is always the most costly aspect of film making, and the one where the most stamina and endurance is needed. Writing, and then shooting a film is easy in context, it's the finishing and finessing that is difficult.

My initial plan had been to submit to the film board and get post completion funding, whereby the Irish Film Board get involved and release funds to finish the film with you, and come on board as part producers etc. Or we would try and get a bigger production company involved, which again dilutes the film to an extent. But after seeing the positive response to the film, another idea was suggested to us which we have decided to embark on, and I hope people like it:

I have been asked to go to quite a few comic conventions, whereby you meet and greet the fans, and it has been circumstances that have never allowed me to do so thus far, but the thought of people paying for my autograph seems alien to me, and unfair for people to be honest, maybe I have a communist streak somewhere, I'm definitely not an ardent capitalist. So the suggestion was that we could hold a convention ourselves, whereby fans could come and meet us, have a Q+A, and in doing support the film 'Cold', become a part of it's growth and completion and thus a part of the film, and then we could thank them in person, which seemed like a very different idea. So that is what we are doing....

We are going to have a private convention in London on the day of Saturday November 3rd, maybe also Sunday the 4th, depending on interest, where myself and Tom, and some VERY SPECIAL GUESTS.....(which we will announce as we go along to build suspense - because that seems like fun - but you all know who they are likely to be let's be honest...), will hold a meet and greet, give every participant a signed photograph from the film 'Cold', and if they want their own photos of Merlin or any other show signed then that too, have a Q+A, where you can ask us anything, as we will be mediating it, and then show an exclusive first look trailer of 'Cold'. It will be rough, as we will have barely finished filming, but will give a taster. And maybe there will be some music too....hopefully....

Anyway, that's the purpose of this blog, to say thanks, and yes, to devilishly announce our convention, which we hope will excite people. I have to be honest, that the main reason I came back to Merlin this year was because of the reaction of so many fans to me on twitter and my blog, and it made me feel like I had to come back this year, because it had been touch and go if I would have, but seeing how happy and excited people get means a lot. So if in a way we can give something back, even just for a few hours, and then also help fund my vision then, well,, cool.....

On a final note, people might not realise, but having some money to make this film is truly inspiring to me, and I think the idea of crowd funding and bringing people into the process is fascinating. I have never had any money, but have always self funded my films, with the intention of searching for funding in a year or so, but this has accelerated the process and made me very giddy with the possibilities. If we can raise the extra funds now through this convention I can conceivably complete the film the way I want to do it with sound and music and colours grade and then have the finished film to send out into the big bad world and that would be, marvellous....

Many thanks for being so supportive, and cool, and just being super nice people, it has meant a lot to myself and Tom because I wrote this film for us to act together and try and create something interesting and beautiful for people, and I think it might well get there now...

Cheers and here is the link to CONVENTION!!! :

Eoin + the big guy, Tom....


  1. Not for the first time in my life, I find myself wishing I lived in London. Good luck with it! :)

  2. Eoin, you just blow me away...

  3. My site is proud to have participated in the collection to make a donation from your Italian fans! :)

  4. Likewise, Lupescupe... This is a really awesome thing you're doing, Eoin, and I know it'll be a success. :) To all the fans able to attend, have a blast!

  5. ah dammit, I'm at another convention that weekend so there's no way I can go, I'm gutted :(

  6. Darn it, no longer live in London, and I have lots of questions about crowdfunding. Although I guess those would be rather boring questions for a convention. Good luck with it anyhow, sounds fun.

  7. Add this to the reasons why living in the United States and being unemployed sucks. Congrats on the surpassing of the initial funds, and good luck with making the rest of the film and the convention.

  8. P.S. I keep a running list of such events on my website (Merlin Locations). So I was wondering what this means for Monsterfest in Australia. I understood you were hoping to be in Melbourne on 1 November...?

    Thanks in advance for letting us know!

  9. Oh, and thank you for returning to Merlin. It's nice to have Gwaine on the show. I could watch the show without you on it, but there would be an element missing.

  10. Aaaaaaaaaaargh! I hope I manage to coordinate this on such short notice. Flying into London for a weekend needs some planning in advance. *gets all hectic and searches websites for flights and such* Hope to see you there! :D

  11. I was very glad to contribute to your film through Indiegogo, of course under my real name and not my twitter. I would LOVE nothing better than attend your convention; but living in the United States and not having a current passport probably would be just the start of obstacles in my way. So, I hope you and Tom (Bradley, Colin, Katie, Alex, and/or Angel) have a smashing time with your DEVOTED fans. THANK YOU and Tom for having the insight to actually give back to your fans and supporters. Not many actors would do what you are doing. You guys are in a class by your selves.

    FYI…Merlin appeals to us somewhat older generation because of Knights like you, Tom, and Rupert. You guys are our eye candy. So I want to THANK YOU very much for staying with the Merlin series. I hope it runs for several years. There aren’t that many really good dramas on television here in the US these days. Not to mention we have to even wait longer here for Merlin to air than in the UK, but it’s always worth it. I just hope the writers, producers and directors realize what a HIT series they have and not end it prematurely. Perish the thought… We in the US may have to have twitter frenzy in protest.

    Anyway, I hope you get the rest of your post funding and finish your marvelous film. I will look forward to receiving it sometime next year hopefully. Best Wish and Much Love

    (A.K.A. Isis)

  12. Why oh why am I living in France ? *sob*
    Have fun there, I will think of you on nov the 3rd !


  13. I hope you have a blast on 3rd November.

    I think I'm a bit too old to come along, (although I have a 13 year old daughter, so could pretend I had a legitimate excuse...)
    Maybe I'll just content myself with watching Merlin and surreptitiously dribbling into my dinner...!)
    Also sending best wishes for Cold. I am proud that I was able to help in a very small way...

    1. You are never to old for anything like this ! I have a 13 year old daughter but I am as excited about going as everyone else ! Some people might think I'm a bit crazy but I have had some of the best experiences of my life largely due to meeting so many other Merlinians . Supporting Cold has not only helped them but has been a way for me to thank them too

  14. Ah, Eoin, I am so happy for your successes and so envious of your talents and abilities. I wish that one, I lived in London so I could meet you and Tom and your "special guests," and two, that I had some extra $$$ to help you fund your project. But since the stars above don't seem to grant wishes as they used to, I'll have to be content to see Cold at some point in the future. Love and best wishes to you.

  15. Eoin, I am so happy for your successes ♥ i wish i could meet you and Tom there .
    Good Lucky, Have alot of fun , don't forget to post some photos to us.
    Why im living in Brazil.. :(

  16. Too bad it's the same day as my wedding and even if I would've love to come, I won't miss my wedding for you guys ;)

  17. From the Great Southern Land just wanted to say very keen to see Cold. What I've seen looks beautiful! Thank you (bows deeply, profound respect and reverance) for your blog, it is nourishing to read something longer than a few lines that doesn't have a single emoticon. Nothing wrong with them of course but they do make me feel like I'm back in kindy and should have a hanky pinned to my collar. Don't lose the sound of your song.