Friday, 21 September 2012

COLD (No. 2)

This is another 'Cold' related blog because I can't write about anything else right now; I had forgotten how all consuming making a feature was, it's magnificently hard work. And doing Merlin at the same time doesn't help, how dare they make me work, don't they know I'm making a film....

I have been quite overwhelmed by the response to supporting the film, I use support because that word is appropriate, you may not realise it but every person who has helped it in any way even to re-tweeting or saying nice things has meant a huge amount. Myself and Tom, he will have no problem with me speaking on his behalf here, but maybe don't tell him just in case, were both astounded, not only by the speed of the response, but the generosity of the donations, and most of all, the words of goodwill. It's all been very humbling and makes it all worthwhile as knowing that making this film will make some people happy or proud or excited is already an achievement in itself.

 To be frank, I had been hesitant about putting out this idea initially and so I allowed it to gestate for a long time before embarking on it, partly because it opens one to criticism and a little bit of potential ridicule, but also because if it didn't work out then I'd be left looking a little silly. Then because I really didn't want to put out any of the story to ruin it, so as you can see the video gives a very limited overview of the story, it's much grander and painted across a far more epic tapestry than you guys have seen. Yet the over-riding fact was that because of how the film has gone so far, I simply didn't have the budget to complete shooting it in the same manner, and so I really needed some support, or else I was gonna have to sell a kidney. And I like my kidneys. And I've seen 'Dirty Pretty Things', not nice.

I have never asked for help before, or applied at any level for funding of any sort, and so now that there is the money there to actually use to shoot I am quite excited, it's going to be an odd experience to not have to take out my wallet to buy everybody's lunch, and then ice cream afterwards, it's always the ice cream that's the expensive part!!

I'll explain what the money so far allows us to do, and why I'm still being a pain and tweeting about it, not trying to outstay my welcome in the generous tea and biscuit house of film support trust me, so if I am annoying anybody, just ignore me for the next 15 days....then come back....think of it like an extended holiday, like a bubble in  Terry Gilliam's world with magic talking snakes and....yep.

The money is essentially a working shooting budget, it allows us to shoot for the 7 days needed to finish the film, such as equipment, because we are shooting 4-K on the RED so that's it's cinema quality, transport, accommodation, food (there is that pesky ice cream again, this time everybody gets a flake), and other basic expenses. We still shoot the exact same way, as that is essentially what it cost me for the initial block. Then it leaves a little left over to move into the initial stages of post production. Post production is the killer, it's like going on a date, doing all the ground work, buying a new shirt, getting aftershave, getting the right taxi, bringing her to the right place, saying all the right things, using those chat up lines you learnt in date chat up school and then getting home to find her parents are there, they are staunch Catholics and she is actually in a pre-marriage agreement to the local Lacrosse star. So that's gonna take a lot of effort, much will power, many favours and no small amount of money (all Lacrosse guys can be paid off, they're like colour graders, all fancy footwork but it's all for show). I use the analogy of a guy to a girl, but use your imagination to flip it around. That may be terrible actually. Sorry. You get the idea. If you don't, well post involves grading the image, which means making it look good, like a massively advanced form of photoshop, doing the sound scape, so people can understand what I am saying, and adding in nice squirrels frolicking in the background to make it warm and happy, the music, and all the bells and whistles. You get the idea now.

So yes, that is what the money that you have so very kindly donated will be used for. And then whenever you see this film you can say that you made that squirrel noise and that shoe on Tom's foot happen; hopefully in Cannes or Toronto or on a cold thursday night when you're bored and need somewhere to go on a date in the cinema near you. See what I did there? No. Okay.

But yes, right, I have digressed. Thank you so far, it's been very touching, everybody I've been working with has been very surprised and shocked at how we have done this so far, and so, from me to you guys, who read my rambling blogs and watch my little films, thank you very much....

Of course I will keep you all updated on the journey as it goes, but be warned, it may take 12 months, and in that time you will grow tired and forget all about me and Tom. And that's fine, just don't tell us.

This is a little video we made just to say thanks. ** A proviso: yep, back to those again, just in case! Tom is called Tom in the film too, because he has a quicker response time to his own name than a character name. And Katie is not in the film, but she was there today, hanging out and harassing us, so I decided she may as well do something for once....maybe don't tell Tom and Katie about this blog actually **




  1. aah, your humour never fails to make me chuckle. I'll make sure to tell everyone I'm the reason you all have underwear. You're very welcome.
    it'll be worth the 12 months if that's what it's gonna take. the bare thought of me being a part of it actually happening makes me happy inside(I dare not to show it on the outside. people might think I'm weird). but good luck! and remember. if you ever feel the need of a "coffee-getter" I'm your gal. as long as you provide me with the best park bench and the best trash in the neighbourhood so that I'll live to see the next day.
    Again, Good luck and don't you dare die in Merlin just so you can finish this film sooner.
    with love,
    Nicconicco (Twitter)

  2. It's going to be fun and interesting reading your blogs as you progress with this film. You deserve it to be a success because of your initiative and drive in getting the project up and running. Hope you raise enough to get you through the post production period also.

  3. This was a fantastic post. I really wanted to contribute, but unemployment prevents that. From what I saw of the film, it looks really amazing and I can only hope it eventually finds release in the U.S., so I can see it in its entirety. I also am glad you didn't have sell your beloved kidney, because they are quite important.

  4. Funny and great post, even if I didn't get everything. I got Your ice cream problem, it's hard to make happy everyone.
    Good luck (I like to think that helped so far) and more good luck for later also (like probably every one who care) I'm waitnig for more update.

    PS: Don't worry, it's very hard to forget You or Tom and the short scen from film definitly deserve for Oscar and no I don't want my money back ;)


  5. Donated..retweeted..teeted by myself.. anything else in your mind to make it happend and help you in any way? tell me, you know I will give my best.
    I am 100% convinced it will be a marvellous piece you and Tom will show the world. Surely worth Cannes, Toronto or the Berlinade! cant wait to see it!


  6. As someone who's struggling with a slightly similar though somewhat different quest for project funds, I admire your courage and determination! I totally get the feelings of putting your idea out there, so I was glad to help out a little. That, and your sense of humor is nearly priceless; I giggled at your date night metaphor--well, simile actually, since you used "like." But that's beside the point. I'm looking forward to the finished product and I wish you fortune (see what I did there?) with post-production! :)

  7. Hello Eoin,

    I was going to send you a tweet but I am apparently a failure at typing that little..

    Just wanted to say I donated 10$ to your film, and I'm looking forward to seeing it. I really like how passionate you are about your work, so I wanted to contribute :) You're so entertaining to watch on "Merlin" and I'm happy I looked you up and found your blog too.

    Anyway, I had an idea for you, if you want it, since you've already listed a ton of different "perks": Maybe post the option of a live chat for your fans who can't do one of the more local things? You might be able to get even more people to donate with that, and hey, the more the merrier right?

    Best of luck with the rest of the film!

    PS: I noticed you write a whole bunch of fiction - so do I :) If you're ever really bored you could google Julia Selch and either read some really crappy stuff I'm trying to eradicate from the internet from when I was a teenager OR hopefully better stories that I'm posting on my blog now.. Cheers!

  8. Hi Eoin,

    I'm a big fan and i can't wait to see Cold! i have been trying to get my hands on a couple of your movies, like Charlie Casanova and Dreaming for You, but i can't find them anywhere in Australia!

    I noticed that you are coming to Australia for Supanova this year, but only to Brisbane and Adelaide :( I live in Melbourne and it would mean the WORLD to your huge fanbase here if you visited Melbourne for just one day while you're in Australia.

    I don't blog or anything but i do like to keep up to date with 'Merlin' news and the cast. I can't wait for Season 5 and Gwaine's bigger role this season, he's my favourite character, and I want to thank you for creating him.

    Please, please, please think about coming to Melbourne, it's the best city in Australia!

    Good luck with everything and keep working hard!

    Patrice Moloney