Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Fashion of Modelling Documentary

This is just a quick blog on the documentary 'The Fashion of Modelling'. The website is going up properly with everything on it this weekend, , but now seemed as good a time as any to finally put up the link to the film.

Myself and fellow model turned producer Carl Shaaban made this documentary back in 2009 and it was subsequently picked up by RTE television and screened in 2010. I came about the idea when my little sister asked about certain aspects of modelling and I realised that her friends and her knew very little about modelling apart from MTV shows. Since we made this there has been a plethora of documentaries and tv shows on modelling and the behind the scenes etc, so we should have put this out sooner, but,'s here again now.

We made this film off our own bat, just the two of us, and got some of the biggest names in the Irish fashion industry to assist us. Incredibly talented and well respected figures such as Rebecca Morgan, Catherine Condell, Mike Bunn, Gordon Goodwin and Eddie Shanahan let us interview them as we talked about all aspects of making a photograph, the styling, modelling and the industry itself.  Also includes models Cerri McQuillan, Laragh McCann and Alison Cannavan. Agata Stoinska, the great Polish photographer then had a big launch screening in her new studio D-Light, and it was a great success: 

The music is by Una Healy (of the Saturdays), and features some of her original singer songwriter work, and also by The Brilliant Things including an early version of their song: 'Pointless' and 'Watch What You Say':

The link to news on night is here from the Independent and

Hopefully you enjoy it.. the film is below, and runs at 52 minutes or so....


  1. Just watched it in school with the students ..nice piece of work, great photoshots... enjoyed it very much..shows pros and cons very clearly.
    Always a pleasure to see your work!


  2. A bit weird to me to be so close to people you just meet in the streets, and feel the urge of writing texts and poetry about them while being so much involved in a world which looks so superficial to me. But maybe it is not after all, I don’t know.
    Is it the ‘misunderstood’ part of yourself you’re talking about, humans being very much inclined to draw fast conclusions about others… (as I apparently am...)

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  4. Thanks so much, Eoin, for getting around to posting this up. Have only just gotten to it, but I can see a tonne of material I think would be great to include for the 'All Kinds of Beautiful' project I briefly outlined via twitter, ohhhh, an age ago.....

    I'll thank you again for consenting to your work being referenced, though I'm afraid it won't be me doing it now, due to daily hospital commitments on my part, and 3000 or so metric shitloads of Immune Suppressant chemo meds that make up my days and shall do for the next year or so. Yawn. But you don't want to hear about that.... jeez... I don't want to hear about that, y'know!!?

    Great work, insightful content. You're a talented chap, Mr Macken.... just keep on doing what you do, and there'll remain a swathe of folks who'll keep on loving it.

    Warmest wishes,


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