Wednesday, 28 March 2012


As he spoke I heard nothing
but my own words.
His mouth moved
like a fish.

I think this is ridiculous
I said standing,
speak normally.
He looked surprised
which made me want to laugh

How can you question me?
he gurgled.
Are you qualified?
his head rolled.

No I am not.

Then you should
listen to me,
and pay me.

But a good bullshitter knows
a bad one,
I said quietly
lest he heard me.

He rang the next day
to apologise
despite not understanding why
after which I felt guilty
for ruining
his self image.


  1. This short poem is making thousands of images roll in my head and I can't fix on one. It gives it a dream quality (with all the surreal and illogical there is in a dream) that I really appreciate.

    And the rhythm is amazing. Great job!

  2. reminds me of Dr Seuss, I like it :)

  3. Brilliant! I could actually imagine the scene playing out in my head.. brings back many memories of past conversations

  4. Short and sweet, and paints a nice picture while reading it. I wish I had the knack for writing poetry. I like it, kudos :)

  5. This reminds me why I don't see my friends perform in live theatre anymore. I know them too well; it's impossible for me to see past their "bullshit" and believe they are the characters they are playing.

    I would ask if this was inspired by an audition you were forced to sit through. I could see that.

  6. This poem sounds like conversations I had with my dad when I was a teenager. Except neither one of us apologized in the end.

  7. Beautiful. I love the note that you ended it on, this really expresses emotion well and I love that I can understand and relate to what you are saying without really knowing or understanding the situation!

  8. This is whimsical and sweet. I like it. You should write more poetry on here.

  9. Nice the only poem iv ever read with 'bullshitter' in it. Great job

  10. This really is a fantastic poem. I loved the sound imagery evoked by "gurgled." I could simply HEAR his voice, gurgling and bubbling like a big fish in a little pond: 'Listen to me, because I know what I'm talking about. I know everything there is to know. Thus you should bow in my esteemed presence.' Or something like that.
    Also, since you posting poetry on your blog is what inspired me to create a blog just for my poetry, it's only fitting that I link you to the first poem I've posted. Thanks for being a creative genius.

  11. I think you can write poetry like Kate Bush can write songs - on any topic & I find them enchanting! I'm going to revive my haiku hobby because of you. ��

  12. This is wonderful ! I can imagine this scene, I love it !