Sunday, 4 March 2012

Dreaming For You Short Film

'Dreaming For You'

This is a little blog about my very first short film, 'dreaming for you', that I made whilst living in Los Angeles 5/6 years ago (2006), when I was initially figuring out the whole acting/film making malarky. All the actors were in my acting class with the esteemed coach Vincent Chase - who's name Mark Wahlberg used for 'Entourage' after Vince trained him.
We shot it in a few days and it played in festivals in Los Angeles and San Francisco. I have never been very good at putting out work I've made, I realize that I have a tendency which afflicts many artists and film makers I know, that once you make something you understand how to make something better and so want to move on and you ignore the project you spent time on. But I really like this little short, parts are too long and it's interesting looking at the stylistic choices I made with cuts and fades, but I still like the shot compositions and I love the acting, I think Jordan and Tom as the two disillusioned actors are especially great.

The film resonates with me because this is what LA can be like for many actors very quickly and easily, it can suck you in and spit you out and there are a lot of people I met over there who I found had a similar tone in their lives as to in this film.
I'm putting this up in advance of finally getting the feature version of the same name 'Dreaming For You', up on the self distribution service 'Distrify'. The feature was selected for the 2009 Galway Film Festival after I shot it in New York with my room mate and fashion photographer Gerry Balfe Smyth --  It got a great reception and again when I privately screened it for 100 people in the Odessa Club in Dublin, then I was working and never got around to trying to get it out there or distribute it or promote it....not having a producer and moving onto another project is one thing and then I also had by learned afterwards how to better write a script.....Again I used actors I met in my acting class, and also Tom, only this time I acted in it, be default really as Jordan, from the short who I'd wanted in the feature was away and we only had a 10day window before Gerry went back to Ireland. I'll put up a blog about in a few days when the film goes live, and I'll attach the trailer for the feature below this short film.

The short was made 5 years ago, shot on the Canon XL1, a real film makers camera, and the music was by Nigel Linden who is a great talent. It was my first short, so it has mistakes, not least having no sound guy, and like the feature was made for about $5, but with these type of art house films, for me it's about making the film and the story and trying to create something, and if parts work, well parts don' work! I've been told don't be critical vocally of your own work, but I am aware of the positives and negatives inherent in both projects, but there are aspects of the tone and mood that really appeal I think.

Hope you enjoy and hopefully it captures some of the sense of Los Angeles....

Below is the trailer for the trailer of the feature of the same name, but a very different film, shot in New York, the main similarity being it is also in Black and White and has a similar atmosphere, but if you liked the style of the short you should like the feature much more.....or so the theory goes...


  1. Well that's odd.. I watched the original short film on your YT a few days. I liked it. I'm expecting the feature, of course. Thanks for sharing !

    1. few days ago* they really need to add an "edit" button or something. (sorry about the double-comment)

  2. The trailer for the feature is awesome. It was put together very well and made me anxious to see it. It's great to see such range within your acting. Most are used to seeing you as a particular fun-loving Knight. This is the one that I had asked you about a couple of weeks ago, and I am really glad to hear that you plan on distributing this soon. I really enjoy your work, both acting and your writing. I hope you post more from Autumn. You really pulled me into it with Sam. Keep up all the great work. I'd be happy to be your first order for the Dreaming For You feature. lol

    On a side note: Watched your Christian Blake Commentary with Emmett. Couldn't really follow the movie while watching the two of you laughing your way through it. So went online and ordered it. It cost more to ship than it did to purchase. ;oP

  3. For me art it's very simple: you like the piece (whatever kind) or not.
    In this case, I have to say that I liked it.
    I've seen it months ago and I liked the story line and loved the music which I think it's the main tool in this short for understanding the whole context and the characters since the begining.
    About the guys you work with, they reach the pure goal of acting since they've transmited me their feelings, frustrations and personal situations. I like it just as an acting piece.
    I'm not an specialist but I can see that technically it has some issues but, as you said, was your first short film.
    I love photography so I always try to see a little beyond what screen shows, and it was something that took my attention since first time in this short which, by watching the trailer, you developed it a lot in the feature film.
    Even it was your first short, I think you transmited very well the idea which is the main point. Technics can be learnt, the soul of an art piece cannot.
    Hope to get to see it someday..

  4. I had seen this on YouTube, when it was in the non-widescreen format about a month ago, and my comment highlighted the reality that I am sure actors face in Los Angeles; the uncertainty of their success, and the resentment they feel towards those select few actors on the up who have parents or money set aside, so they don't have to work crappy jobs so they can continue living in L.A. for a chance to become famous. It's a vivid piece, and I have no idea what the process is like in L.A. I sincerely do hope that not all up-and-coming potential actors beat the living crap out of people because they're frustrated with their lack of success.

  5. There is nothing wrong with self producing your own work. As my Grandpa used to say [God rest his soul] there's no one that can sell yourself better than you.

    On that note, however, if you are interested in finding sales agents that are UK based for future projects, let me know. I have a spreadsheet with more names than I need.

    Few thoughts: always find a sound guy; I liked the juxtaposition in the short of the 2 guys with someone so alone and then WHAM! Anything can happen in seemingly isolated desperation, - is there no one that doesn't get chewed upon?

  6. Well done short. Some really nice shots. The black and white really emphasizes the desperate atmosphere of the story. Well written with believable characters. One guy who blames others for his own failings and takes it out on a guy who doesn't deserve it. A universal story really.
    The trailer for the film looks great, I want to see it now.

  7. I saw the short on YouTube several weeks ago and it drew me in then just as it did when I rewatched it just now. The characters are well written and the story reasonated with truth and emotion. The trailer definately captured my attention and I look forward to seeing the film. Very well done.

  8. Eoin, I watched the film and I wanted to like it very much but it offers little insight into the subject matter. There are very artful bits and I can see your talent for music videos because the music and the narrative are nicely woven together. It must be an age thing because at 56 I can't really become viscerally invested in delving into this kind of surface emotional angst unless there's something compelling me to engage it. There's an honesty in the main characters that rings true and it's almost Greek in its exploration of a tragic flaw, but it just didn't get beyond the obvious. All that being said, it is something I could never do and I applaud your effort.

  9. Hello Eoin,
    I can't promise anything but one of my closest friend is an Executive Producer for Independant Films I could atleast connect you with her & the Independant group on linkedIn & you could see what they're up to & see if some of them would like to never know, you could advertise on there. Some connected to the group are in the UK. She currently has 17 films under her. I think you can add them on LinkedIn through me. I also have another close friends that owns Silver Screen Studios (Calgary, AB, Canada), not sure if it would come in handy. I also follow you on twitter if you have questions, you can follow me back & I'll be able to send you private info, her name etc. I can always give her a call to let her know that I'm connecting you to her & the group if you'd like? and then, you're on your own dude lol! cause I have no idea what this business is about lol! but I can atleast connect you, since I know a few! lol! You seam to have the passion for it & might just need to believe in yourself more, don't put yourself down too much, you do great work & you're aware of your mistakes, it's a learning progress, keep your head up & stay positive! Be grateful for your mistakes, yeah, I know...but they're lessons that shape you into the person you're becoming! Good luck! All the best to you! I love to see that you're humble!! Very good quality to have in my book!

    Chrissie Alexis