Wednesday, 28 March 2012


As he spoke I heard nothing
but my own words.
His mouth moved
like a fish.

I think this is ridiculous
I said standing,
speak normally.
He looked surprised
which made me want to laugh

How can you question me?
he gurgled.
Are you qualified?
his head rolled.

No I am not.

Then you should
listen to me,
and pay me.

But a good bullshitter knows
a bad one,
I said quietly
lest he heard me.

He rang the next day
to apologise
despite not understanding why
after which I felt guilty
for ruining
his self image.

Friday, 23 March 2012

The Hunger Games

Oddly feel like I haven't blogged in a while....I was tempted to do so on the Kony and IC affair, and maybe some on Syria, but don't want to get into too much trouble so I'm gonna stick to poetry, fictional stories and film reviews.....nice stuff like satire that could never offend anybody instead of real life important issues....

The below link is for my review of The Hunger Games with Phoenix Magazine, which is you haven't read you probably should, as fashion magazines go it's very cool, although admittedly my knowledge of fashion is limited to advice from my sister and being constantly corrected on who owns Gucci and that Prada isn't a real person....

I have never read the books on The Hunger Games, partly because I'd never heard of them until this huge massive advertising campaign swept through the UK like a rapid horse frothing at the mouth with anticipation so I went in relatively unbiased, apart from already thinking Jennifer Lawrence is superb and wanting Woody Harrelson to teach me the secrets to below is my opinion on the film.....

Friday, 9 March 2012

'Michael' Film Review

So here is the second official review I've done for Phoenix Magazine....they may have created an insatiable monster as all I do is watch films and go the pub, in most cinemas nowadays you can do both so....

I'm not going to paste the review on the blog itself cos it looks much prettier on their website and has the trailer and everything....all very swanky....great people to work with, and a genuinely really cool arty magazine. If the magazine was crap I wouldn't do reviews for them, but thankfully I think it's deadly. It helps that they take me seriously for some odd reason. Although I do have a vague feeling in the back of my liver somewhere that they meant asking me as a joke initially and then were too embarrassed to say no when I turned up enthusiastically nodding my tail with a review under one arm and a bag of cats under the other.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Dreaming For You - Feature Film

This, for me, is a very late release of the film 'Dreaming For You'. It was shot quite a while ago, and after it screened at the Galway Film Fleadh 2009 I never got around to sending it anywhere else or attempting to release it, which is shameful really.

It is a very indie flick, shot by just myself and the fashion photographer Gerry Balfe Smyth whilst we were living together in New York simply because we could and we wanted to make a film. A synopsis of the film is below, but we essentially wanted to make something that showed the beauty and grit of New York counter balanced with the dangerous isolation that can happen with living in such a big city.

It was written in about 6 days, organised and then shot in another 3 weeks, with actors from my then acting class with Nina Murrano, the excellent Kettie Rompre, James Catanzaro, the hip hop artist Seijo Imazaki, and Rekha Luther, alongside Tom Lambertsen who was in the original short of the same name, as you can see from my last blog post. I had planned to have Jordan Adams star in this feature version but he wasn't around and we didn't have time to wait, so I just acted in it and Gerry, ostensibly a fashion stills photographer picked up the video camera for the first time.

It has a beautiful score by the Evora, and specifically Alan Rickard, and also Kevin Whyms as the producer Whymsonics, and it has some wonderful moments.


A dark and gritty drama set in NYC of a young disillusioned actor who after attempting to kill himself as his relationship falls apart, meets a homeless tramp after a chance meeting on the street. Taking the man home, Adam begins to open up, only to find himself drifting further away from reality as David takes over his life and his anger consumes him. Who is David and what does he really want are questions Adam cannot answer as he falls deeper into a psychological haze...

Download and watch the movie on distrify below if you're interested - just copy the link into your browser.

Or you can like, comment and watch it on the official facebook page:

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Dreaming For You Short Film

'Dreaming For You'

This is a little blog about my very first short film, 'dreaming for you', that I made whilst living in Los Angeles 5/6 years ago (2006), when I was initially figuring out the whole acting/film making malarky. All the actors were in my acting class with the esteemed coach Vincent Chase - who's name Mark Wahlberg used for 'Entourage' after Vince trained him.
We shot it in a few days and it played in festivals in Los Angeles and San Francisco. I have never been very good at putting out work I've made, I realize that I have a tendency which afflicts many artists and film makers I know, that once you make something you understand how to make something better and so want to move on and you ignore the project you spent time on. But I really like this little short, parts are too long and it's interesting looking at the stylistic choices I made with cuts and fades, but I still like the shot compositions and I love the acting, I think Jordan and Tom as the two disillusioned actors are especially great.

The film resonates with me because this is what LA can be like for many actors very quickly and easily, it can suck you in and spit you out and there are a lot of people I met over there who I found had a similar tone in their lives as to in this film.
I'm putting this up in advance of finally getting the feature version of the same name 'Dreaming For You', up on the self distribution service 'Distrify'. The feature was selected for the 2009 Galway Film Festival after I shot it in New York with my room mate and fashion photographer Gerry Balfe Smyth --  It got a great reception and again when I privately screened it for 100 people in the Odessa Club in Dublin, then I was working and never got around to trying to get it out there or distribute it or promote it....not having a producer and moving onto another project is one thing and then I also had by learned afterwards how to better write a script.....Again I used actors I met in my acting class, and also Tom, only this time I acted in it, be default really as Jordan, from the short who I'd wanted in the feature was away and we only had a 10day window before Gerry went back to Ireland. I'll put up a blog about in a few days when the film goes live, and I'll attach the trailer for the feature below this short film.

The short was made 5 years ago, shot on the Canon XL1, a real film makers camera, and the music was by Nigel Linden who is a great talent. It was my first short, so it has mistakes, not least having no sound guy, and like the feature was made for about $5, but with these type of art house films, for me it's about making the film and the story and trying to create something, and if parts work, well parts don' work! I've been told don't be critical vocally of your own work, but I am aware of the positives and negatives inherent in both projects, but there are aspects of the tone and mood that really appeal I think.

Hope you enjoy and hopefully it captures some of the sense of Los Angeles....

Below is the trailer for the trailer of the feature of the same name, but a very different film, shot in New York, the main similarity being it is also in Black and White and has a similar atmosphere, but if you liked the style of the short you should like the feature much more.....or so the theory goes...