Wednesday, 4 January 2012

An interesting person to read....

I had meant to post this before, about two of my favourite people's blogs and writings to read....the comedian Carol Tobin, and effervescent writer of all things strange and warbling, Dylan Townsend, both very talented and slightly out there in the best possible way. I blame Carol for anything offensive that I write, meaning that you read her work if you're that way inclined. I blame Dylan for making me think more about life, the universe, how the world we live affects us and we it, and just generally making me think more......

So if you need something else to read, to unwind after something offensive, perhaps read Carol, then read Dylan, and find something in their works if you can, two very talented people who should get more exposure, and I hope that some of their brilliance rubs off on me as I follow tediously in their slipstream..

Erstwhile comedienne with a penchant for the extreme and wonderfullly offensive....never ask to hear a story about a horse.....

Fluently soaring writer about many and more wonderful things, poetry, music, economy, surfing, people and just living......don't tell him I sent you.


  1. Sounds like a plan. Glad to see you're back to give us some suggestions of blogs to read. And don't worry, I won't tell Dylan Townsend you sent me.

  2. I love Carol's work :) The anecdotal elements in her recent blog entries are great.

    I'm really enjoyed your satirical writing. It's really distinctive and highlights fundamental views in society. It was witty in a subtle way, which makes a change from satire which blatantly aim for cheap gags based on stereotypes.

    Also, as an aspiring fine-art photographer, I find your photography really inspiring. I love how in your work you can completely transform the atmosphere of a space. It's brilliant :)

  3. Well cheers Alex, yeah Carol has some great stuff, very dark which makes it interesting and eventful. I'm glad you liked the satire, if some writing isn't offensive and provocative every now and again then where's the least it makes you think about certain things hopefully whilst being amusing, if not, well that's fine......thanks man, lot of my mates are excellent professional photographers, check out Niall o brien's stuff, his link is at the bottom of my like writing is all subjective anyway which makes it what it is.....